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Railtec Railings

Railtec Railings


Product Description

Railtec are railing contractors that are family owned and operated out of Sykesville, MD by Bill and Diane Kirchhoff. Bill has more than 30 years of experience working in the home building industry, so his decision to start a business specializing in a home’s most impressive aesthetic feature was an easy decision. Bill is still involved with every client and project, providing estimates, overseeing quality and construction, and maintaining an easy-going work environment for his crew.

Diane keeps track of Railtec’s day-to-day business operations. While Bill is out in the field, Diane is back at the office making sure jobs are scheduled‚ clients are happy, and bills are paid. Bill and Diane Kirchhoff maintain a regular crew of employees, including their son Tommy, all of whom are active in the daily operations of the company. Customers who hire Railtec Railing don’t get a revolving door of sub-contractors, but a consistent crew who’s skillset is custom-tailored to stair rail construction.

Railtec Railing are contractors who specialize in custom designed and built stairs and stair railings. Make your home look uniquely your own with our design artist program to custom design the look you want for your home. We also sell stair railing parts in our online store. We are master stair builders and we also work with other stair builders to help them complete stair railing projects with online ordering of railing parts.