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Product Description

James Pureza built PurezaWood because he saw a need in the market for extraordinarily well-crafted but accessible hardwood flooring. With his family already established in hardwood flooring and manufacturing, he received admission to the highest quality in raw materials. By offering products directly – avoiding retailers and storefronts whose individual commissions only inflate pricing – he founded a sales model that spared all parties the trouble of middlemen, while passing along the balance savings to the customer. PurezaWood can offer luxury hardwood so competitively priced because it comes straight from the source.

We take our craftsmanship seriously. We want to create the standard for engineered hardwood flooring. We are in constant contact with our factory, visiting many times every year, to ensure both the quality of the lumber and the wellbeing of every employee. Because we monitor every step of manufacture, we can offer customization fitted just for your vision.