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office42 architecture

office42 architecture


Product Description

office42 is an architecture studio founded in 2007 by the husband and wife team Stephanie and Ben Ragle in Los Angeles. It was started on the premise that good design, innovation, and creative solutions should be available to all. After living and working in Europe, India, and New York, they moved back to Los Angeles to synthesize and put into action these diverse experiences and opened a small design studio in Echo Park.

Over the last decade, office42 has become rooted in the architectural philosophy of impactful design.  Combining good design and social justice, building a community of clients and stakeholders, and empowering homeowners and new business entrepreneurs through innovative design, office42 enjoys working with all types of residential and commercial projects – from single-family homes and multi-family housing, to new ventures like restaurants and offices, to assisting non-profit organizations.  For each project, queries not initially obvious are formed and innovative solutions are provided that meet the unique needs and budget of the client.  office42 appreciates the problem-solving collaboration that is experienced with supportive clients and enjoys helping people design their lives.  From schematic design through the end of construction, clients are guided through the difficult process of turning vision into reality.