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C&L Plumbing Supply Kitchen & Bath

C&L Plumbing Supply Kitchen & Bath


Product Description

C & L Plumbing Supply represents the finest quality kitchen, bath, plumbing and heating products from fittings to whirlpools. We serve homeowners, commercial businesses, and industrial customers and offer daily delivery service. Our showroom and supply counter staff are available to answer questions directly or via email. Whether a customer is looking for luxury bathroom and kitchen products or a top of the line heating system, C&L Plumbing Supply is the company metropolitan customers come to first.

Established in 1980, C&L is proud of its reputation for supplying high quality plumbing and heating products, its expertise in servicing customers and for making sure the products are affordable. Contractors and homeowners alike rely on our knowledgeable staff to help them find the highest quality and most efficient products for their home or industrial project.