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Home Project Plans & Pricing

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Business Name
Phone Number
Phone Number
& Direct Call
Website &
Direct Link
Email &
Direct Email
Address & Google
Maps Direct Link
Bio / Description
List in Multiple
Regions Allows you to have your listing visible in all the regions you provide service to. The basic listing is limited to the region within which the business is based
Logo Tile -
First View Gold tier listings are viewable by their logo, very large listing tile and always viewable by default ahead of Silver tier and basic listings
Uploadable Gallery Gold tier lisitings are able to upload viewable gallery
Instagram &
Direct Link Gold tier Listings provide Instagram address and a direct link so that members of the public can connect directly to listing owner's Instagram page
Instagram Daily
Post-of-the-Day My Home Project Team chooses a daily Instagram post from our Gold Tier listing owners and posts it to our followers as Post-of-the-day
References Count Gold Tier listing owners can include the amount of references they can provide in the past 12 months - The benefits of this option are:
  1. The homeowner can make a more informed decision
  2. Having the home-project specialist offer references, demonstrates the specialist's increased confidence in his / her skills, ability and past work
  3. Which in turn increases homeowner's confidence in the specialist's work and reliability
A positive feedback loop and a great feature to give more peace of mind for everyone involved.
Biannual “Pearls
from the Pro’s”
Feature For Gold Tier listings we will be providing the listing owner the option to write a 1-2 page article twice a year which we will feature in our upcoming "pearls from the pros" section on our website and promoted on social media. It's another way for the listing owners to share some of their insider's knowledge with the public, increase their exposure and expertise in the public's eye