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Silver Tier Listings

Automated Abode

Company Contact: Automated Abode
Automated Abode is a vision that has been a long time in the making. We are a company dedicated to making smart homes accessible to a wider audience at an affordable price. We realize that with proper programming, a smart home can be much more than a bunch of remotely controlled appliances: it can be fully automated to the preferences of its owner. Our company operates under the "set and forget" motto: once the programming is set, you can forget about it completely and enjoy the ease of your smart home. It is our mission to work closely with you to create a home that conforms to your needs and wants so that you can savor the precious times in your space in absolute comfort.

Smart Home Worx

Company Contact: Smart Home Worx
Smart Home Worx is comprised of a group of A/V technology professionals. We have a combined team of experienced Home Theater Designers, Home Automation Engineers and Audio Visual Technicians that have been professionally trained and seasoned with years of hands on experience. Collectively, we have over 35 years of combined experience on staff and 3000+ satisfied customers throughout NY, NJ, PA, CT. With two convenient locations we serve all four states. We can help create any Audio Visual or Home Automation system for your home or business space. We offer many of the most professional and up to date system brands in the industry. We understand that your project is very important to you. We take the challenge of meeting your home entertainment and automation needs very seriously. Whether you are visualizing a new feature packed home theater when your home is still on paper, converting an existing room in your basement to a multipurpose media room or simply installing some speakers on your patio, we offer you the same approach and professionalism. We strive with every client and every project to exceed your expectations with performance and bring projects on budget and on time. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation so that we can discuss your next dream project. We will enjoy helping you bring that dream into reality.

Basic Tier Listings

A TO Z Protective Services LLC

Phone: 845-587-1751

A&N Rappaport Lock & Alarms

Phone: 845-364-7653

Ademco Service

Phone: 845-425-6996

Advantage Alarms Inc

Phone: 845-426-1970

Alliance Appliance Of Rockland & Authentic Alarm

Phone: 845-414-9461

Alphatech Security Services Inc.

Phone: 845-354-4442

American Top Security, Inc

Phone: 888-777-5574

Avrumy’s Security Inc

Phone: 845-422-2490

Bar Security

Phone: 845-244-1860

Black Hawk Security

Phone: 845-499-8720

Bob’s Security Systems Inc

Phone: 845-623-0005

Bullet Security

Phone: 845-627-0300

C.E.O. Security LLC

Phone: 888-850-7194

Cambridge Security Seals

Phone: 845-520-4111

Care Security Systems Inc

Phone: 845-354-3367

Central Alarm & Telephone Corporation

Phone: 845-356-5900

Communication Data Security

Phone: 845-371-1111

Electrolock Inc

Phone: 845-368-3599

Frontline Security & Training

Phone: 845-517-2221

Goldwell Enterprises

Phone: 845-352-3450

Hashomer Alarm Systems

Phone: 845-425-8101

Heavenly Protection

Phone: 845-356-3345

Hernandez Security Services

Phone: 845-271-4631

Hi Tech Security Services

Phone: 845-357-7003

Homeland Security

Phone: 845-362-7466

Information Security Tech Inc

Phone: 845-425-0869

Inter County Alarm Systems

Phone: 845-268-8900

J C Security Corp

Phone: 845-352-0712

J S Security Inc

Phone: 845-425-0138

Janco Security

Phone: 845-708-2276

JEM Security Solutions LLC

Phone: 845-445-6778

Keep an Eye Surveillance Systems

Phone: 718-438-5200

Lion Guard Security System Inc

Phone: 718-851-2097

Mossad Investigations and Security Corporation

Phone: 845-403-0274

Orangeburg Security

Phone: 845-580-4373

Perfect Install

Phone: 877-716-7821

Pincus Security Systems

Phone: 845-352-1623

Platinum Security Group Inc

Phone: 845-357-2854

Prime Security & Communication

Phone: 845-356-0018

R C Alarms & Security

Phone: 845-357-3112

Ramapo Cirque Guard House

Phone: 845-368-0126

Rapsi A/V Consultants

Phone: 347-907-1803

RGA Investigations and Security Inc.

Phone: 845-623-7009

Rockland Security and Surveillance

Phone: 800-276-8607

SafeNet Security

Phone: 845-501-2323

Security Solutions Locksmith

Phone: 845-263-6680

SEM Security Systems Inc

Phone: 845-986-0336

Spartan Protective Systems

Phone: 914-272-7199

Sterling Security Systems

Phone: 845-624-3084

Storm Systems LLC

Phone: 347-454-2851

Tech Integrators Care Systems

Phone: 845-694-5004

Tom Tierney Security Inc

Phone: 845-639-2421

Trust Security

Phone: 800-542-1832

Wiresmart Inc

Phone: 845-262-6542