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Charm City Roofing

Company Contact: Charm City Roofing
If you’re looking for a “Roofing Company Near You” anywhere in the Baltimore, you’ve come to the right place. Charm City Roofing is a roofing company near and dear to Baltimore and the surrounding counties. Our reputation is for quality, consistency, and commitment to doing the job right. Accordingly, we treat every roof as if it were our own and won’t finish a job until customer satisfaction has been achieved. As a company, our top priority is the customer. We strive to provide the best possible end product on every job. As a result, we’ve worked to specialize in every type of roof in Maryland. We deliver roofing solutions for every homeowner and business. Charm City Roofing’s experts spend time reviewing each and every job. First, we determine our customers’ needs. Next, we identify the best roofing materials for the job. Last, we create a plan of action. After all, knowledge is key. Doing the leg work upfront is essential to delivering efficient and effective services.

Ruff Roofers

Company Contact: Ruff Roofers
Ruff Roofers Inc. is a family owned roofing and sheet metal contractor offering industry leading commercial and residential roofing installation, maintenance, and repair services to the Annapolis, Baltimore, Washington DC, Virginia, and Eastern Shore regions. Ruff Roofers employees share a philosophy of always going the extra mile to deliver on our promise of doing more. Our people and the performance they deliver are the reason why our clients choose to work with us again and again. From project managers to clean-up crews, every employee plays a vital role in the overall coordination of your project. While many specialty contractors rely on sub contractors, we don’t. With virtually no exception, everyone you see on your project works for Ruff Roofers and is directly accountable to Ruff Roofers. You can be sure that quality workmanship, attention to detail, aesthetics and maximized efficiency balanced with safety are the focus on every one of your projects.

Four Twelve Roofing

Company Contact: Four Twelve Roofing
Over the past 6 years,  Four Twelve Roofing has been building something special here in Baltimore. Our story began with the purchase of a single vacant home. This experience of rehabbing a vacant Baltimore rowhome exposed a need across the city for top-tier roofing and home restoration services. This project impacted us so much we named our growing business after first home that the first property we worked on together – 412 East Lanvale Street in Baltimore City. Since the inception of Four Twelve, we’ve become entwined with our Baltimore community and formed relationships with clients that are built to last. As a local construction company specializing in roofing and restoration, we’re driven by a desire to complete impactful projects that strengthen our community and provide clients with security and peace of mind. Our rapid growth is the result of an unwavering work ethic from our team, as well as prioritization of clear and open communication with clients. We believe in being as transparent as possible in everything we do, from our first conversation to the final touches on a project. We take each new project as an opportunity to build a relationship and positively impact our Baltimore community.

Basic Tier Listings

All Maryland Roofing & Siding

Phone: 443-220-6017

Alternative Roofing

Phone: 410-489-9000


Phone: 410-358-7663

AmeriRoofs Roofing Company

Phone: 410-358-7663

AnD Roofing Company

Phone: 302-240-4066

AnD Roofing Company

Phone: 302-240-4066

Baltimore Roof Repair Company

Phone: 410-237-0337

Baltimore Roofers

Phone: 410-764-7663

Baltimore Roofing

Phone: 443-983-7663

Charm City Roofing

Phone: 443-297-7663

Coastal Roofing Co.

Phone: 410-631-7663

Correlli Roofing Co

Phone: 410-243-8668

Devito Roofing

Phone: 410-262-6097

Eckhart Roofing Co

Phone: 410-323-3307

Exterior Experts

Phone: 410-789-2088

Fick Bros Roofing & Exterior Remodeling

Phone: 410-889-5525

Four Twelve Roofing

Phone: 410-989-7343

Harview Roofing

Phone: 410-648-4723

Maryland Handy Roofers

Phone: 443-992-7482

Medic Roofing

Phone: 410-377-1600

Park Heights Roofing

Phone: 410-358-1257

Phil DiBello Family Roofing

Phone: 410-752-7663

Quality Roofers Baltimore

Phone: 240-202-4836

Roland Roofing & Home Solution

Phone: 410-698-1201

Roland Slate Service Co.

Phone: 410-532-9037

Rollins & Associates

Phone: 443-807-3093

Roofing Repair Baltimore

Phone: 844-334-1456

Ruff Roofers

Phone: 410-242-2400

S&M Roofing

Phone: 410-766-3464

Total Roofing Contractor

Phone: 844-710-4002

Towson Roofing

Phone: 443-798-2315