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Silver Tier Listings

Rockland Realty

Company Contact: Steven Yassky
Founded in 1964, Rockland Realty is one of the foremost real estate firms in Rockland County. The founder and owner, Alan Yassky and his firm are well known throughout the region for their involvement in all aspects of commercial real estate. Rockland Realty began in the residential real estate business and expanded with the growth of Rockland County. In the mid 80’s Rockland Realty decided to focus all of its efforts on the various aspects of commercial real estate. We pride ourselves on working closely with owners, investors, developers and tenants, both users and lessors, in satisfying all of their commercial real estate needs. Our thorough analysis of our customers’ needs and wants coupled with our knowledge of the marketplace enables us to reach the real estate goals and desires for you and/or your company. We give each transaction, large or small, the personal attention required in this ever changing economic and business climate.

Rand Realty-Sharon Burke

Company Contact: Sharon Burke
Specializing in residential real estate sales in Rockland and Bergen County, Sharon Burke is client focused and professional. Her clients come to realize quickly that she is knowledgeable, personable, patient and always available. She explains every step along the way and is a trusted resource providing the information and guidance needed for her clients to make confident decisions. Whatever your real estate needs may be, Sharon looks forward to bringing insight, confidence and clarity to all the steps that bring you home!

Basic Tier Listings

All Star Realty & management LLC

Phone: 845-367-5065

Aps Realty Corp

Phone: 845-352-2372

Belle Maison Realty

Phone: 845-578-4091

Broad Real Estate

Phone: 845-356-4000

Brocros Realty Corp

Phone: 845-352-1150

Carol Czitrom Realty

Phone: 845-356-3955

Csbw Realty Corporation

Phone: 845-678-1414

Deera Homes & Land

Phone: 845-425-7484

Dutch Lane Realty Corp

Phone: 845-352-3063

Ejs Real Estate Inc

Phone: 845-369-9270

Equipe Realty

Phone: 845-480-2670

Franklin Properties

Phone: 845-290-0277

Fuerst & Fuerst, Inc.

Phone: 845-354-2554

Glazer Realty

Phone: 845-425-2230

Gottfried Moshe Real Estate

Phone: 845-371-8471

Green Triangle Realty Corp

Phone: 845-666-0060

Hillcrest Realty Inc

Phone: 845-356-2513

Homax Realty Corporation

Phone: 845-356-0044

Joseph Realty

Phone: 845-356-1040

Kagan Real Estate

Phone: 845-425-8031

Kennedy Realty Co

Phone: 845-573-5497

Kind Realty

Phone: 845-538-6468

Landslide Realty Corp

Phone: 845-352-2040

Lazarus Realty

Phone: 845-352-2222

Lee Wythe Realty

Phone: 845-262-1890

Licata Realty

Phone: 845-357-9330

M & E Realty

Phone: 845-459-6031

M Newhouse Realty

Phone: 845-362-3500

Mark Real Estate Inc

Phone: 845-425-9165

Melnick Realty

Phone: 845-426-3234

Metrex Realty

Phone: 845-875-4400

Mhc Realty Corp

Phone: 845-547-2326

Nexthome Smith Realty

Phone: 845-356-6060

Rockland Realty

Phone: 845-356-2400

Rodeo Realty

Phone: 914-548-0870

Rosenberg Realty

Phone: 845-354-8445

Ruumi Realty

Phone: 845-409-4644

Stonegate Realty

Phone: 845-533-9001

Weichert Realtors

Phone: 845-357-4747

YZ Realty

Phone: 845-300-6770