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Basic Tier Listings

Actual Brokerage Inc

Phone: 718-934-4800

Ador Realty LLC

Phone: 718-677-9047

Avalon Realty

Phone: 718-645-1427

Bayit Enterprises Inc

Phone: 718-258-3333

Ber Line Realty

Phone: 718-998-6832

Brisman Realty

Phone: 718-677-0988

Brucha Realty Corp

Phone: 718-677-0630

Central Brooklyn Realty

Phone: 718-258-0414

Daniel Home Sales Realty

Phone: 718-998-5588

DC Realty

Phone: 718-627-5095

East Coast Holdings

Phone: 718-252-1500

Eretz Realty

Phone: 718-256-9595

Gala Realty

Phone: 718-998-0123

Glashir Realty

Phone: 347-702-8370

Gold Realty

Phone: 718-377-7714

GW Realty LLC

Phone: 718-376-5252

JN Realty & Mgmt

Phone: 718-692-3797

KMW Realty LLC

Phone: 718-859-4453

L&H Realty

Phone: 718-253-9337

Lennard Realty

Phone: 718-336-1057

Lifschitz Realty

Phone: 347-702-5949

Lynx Realty Group

Phone: 718-377-6500

Max & Assoc Realty Corp

Phone: 718-339-8787

Meyer Commercial Realty

Phone: 718-376-1121

Mizrahi Realty

Phone: 718-998-5700

Prestige Homes Real Estate Corp

Phone: 718-336-2200

Rebecca Realty Mgmt

Phone: 718-677-9300

Renaissance Realty

Phone: 718-376-5400

Rondin Realty Corp

Phone: 718-998-8300

Rubbro Realty Corp

Phone: 718-382-4660

Rubin & Maryl Realty

Phone: 718-376-1110

S & P Realty Group LLC

Phone: 718-375-4771

Schmidt Realty

Phone: 718-853-4663

Seth Y Goldberg Realty

Phone: 718-252-1185

Shop Realty

Phone: 718-252-0699

Steinmetz Realty

Phone: 718-627-1000

Unger Realty Service

Phone: 718-859-3101

Zev Pollack Co

Phone: 718-339-0500