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Basic Tier Listings

Alcon Lighting

Phone: 310-733-1248

Carl’s Custom Lamps & Shades

Phone: 323-651-5825

Circa Lighting

Phone: 310-620-5930

Davis Fluorescent Lighting

Phone: 310-836-4860

Filament Lighting

Phone: 323-935-7636

Foundry Lighting

Phone: 844-544-4858

George’s Lighting Plus

Phone: 323-663-9597

Home Lighting Gallery Inc.

Phone: 323-957-1900

Info Lighting

Phone: 800-655-3797

Lamps Expo

Phone: 323-938-6026

Lamps One Lighting Supplies

Phone: 800-679-5588

Lamps Plus

Phone: 310-820-7567

Light Bulbs & More

Phone: 310-826-0603

Light Bulbs Unlimited

Phone: 323-651-0330

Light In Art

Phone: 323-782-8822

Lightwave Lighting

Phone: 310-441-9283


Phone: 877-885-4832

Liten Lighting

Phone: 310-826-6412

Lusive Decor Custom Lighting

Phone: 323-227-9207

Mario Lighting Inc

Phone: 323-658-8833

Mc Noon Crystal Lighting

Phone: 310-288-0046

Mid-West Wholesale Lighting Corp

Phone: 800-310-5267

Plug Lighting

Phone: 323-467-5635

Premier Led Lighting

Phone: 310-477-7711

RE Wholesale Lighting inc.

Phone: 213-536-5730


Phone: 310-400-1872

Remains Lighting

Phone: 212-675-8051

The Vault

Phone: 888-399-9905

Wilshire LED Lighting

Phone: 310-442-6000

Wired Custom Lighting

Phone: 310-736-2944