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Silver Tier Listings

Zenie Landscaping

Company Contact: Zenie Landscaping
Officially founded by Lawrence Zenie in 1986, the origin of Zenie Landscaping Inc. goes back many years before that. Lawrence, a Hofstra University graduate began his career in this industry while serving as a teacher at St. Anges Catholic High School, now known as Kellenberg Memorial High School. In his spare time as a young teacher, Larry cultivated his passion for gardening by planting shrubs and flowers and mowing lawns in his neighborhood of West Hempstead, Long Island. After 10 years, Larry retired from teaching to fully pursue his passion for landscaping and created what is now a thriving family owned and operated full-service landscape company. In 2002, Joseph, one of Larry's four sons, joined the company after his graduation from The University of Albany. He had always enjoyed working side by side with his dad as a young child and would now make landscaping a career and passion of his own. Since joining the company, Joe's knowledge and experience has helped Zenie Landscaping grow in ways Larry never thought possible. While the business has changed over the last 30 years, the mission has not. Providing our clients with top quality service is the only way we do business.

Diaz Touch Landscaping Services

Company Contact: Diaz Touch Landscaping Services
Diaz Touch Landscaping Services is a family owned business located in Nassau County. Our main priorities are customer satisfaction and perfection to details. We are highly knowledgeable in the field of horticulture and enjoy educating our customers. Between all our employees, we have approximately 50 years of experience. As dedicated horticulturalists, our education in the field is always growing. Our advantage as a company is our fresh mindset, we are always ready to deliver new designs and creative plant selections. We excel at customer satisfaction by maintaining constant communication and building a relationship with our clients. DTLS believes in the visions our customers have for their landscape and we will take the proper time to personalize every expectation. We have an eye for design and the creativity that goes beyond the ordinary landscape. DTLS specializes in seasonal flower rotations; this ensures that your home will look aesthetically appealing all year round. Our unique flower selections will guarantee instant gratification for every season. Join Diaz Touch Landscaping Services’ mission in creating beautiful neighborhoods one home at a time.

Gerardo Landscaping

Company Contact: Gerardo Landscaping
Gerardo Landscaping Corp is a local, family-owned company that has been in the landscaping business for 15 years. Hire us for quality landscaping work, lawn maintenance, and tree services. We are a member of the Nassau Suffolk Landscape Gardeners' Association.

Eddie Ortiz Landscaping

Company Contact: Eddie Ortiz
Not all landscapers are equal and not all landscaping companies have the fine reputation for quality work and strong business ethics that we have. We are very proud of who we are and from where we came. We are a family-owned and family-operated full-service landscaping company. We were founded more than a half-century ago by Eddie’s father, Jose Ortiz, a man known across Long Island for exceptional landscaping work and diligent attention to detail. What started as a small lawn-care business has evolved into a full-scale lawn and garden maintenance and landscape design corporation. Eddie Ortiz Landscaping, Inc., remains a family-owned business after more than a half-century and we consider all clients, new or existing, part of our “family.” We are fully licensed and insured and serve the southwest area of Nassau County, Long Island, New York. We are committed to the traditional values of honest and ethical work and look forward to many more years of creative gardening!

Basic Tier Listings

A P Landscaping

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A-Z Lawn Service

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All Decked Out NYC

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Alvamar Enterprise

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Amber Freda Landscape Design

Phone: 646-546-1592

Anthony and Sons Landscape Design & Consulting

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Arnoldos Tree Service

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AS Construction and Landscaping

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Bravo Landscaping

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C J P Landscaping

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Canales Landscaping

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Ciampa Landscape

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Eagle Landscaping

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Ever Green Landscaping

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Frank Marando Landscape Contractor

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Grass-Hoppers Landscaping

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J & H Landscaping

Phone: 718-738-1969

J &H Landscaping

Phone: 718-738-1969

JR Landscape of New York

Phone: 718-961-2885

Juarez Landscaping Company

Phone: 917-396-2186

Kew Forest Landscaping

Phone: 718-441-9256

Landscaping End Lawn Care Services

Phone: 786-857-2738

Lawn Pro Landscaping

Phone: 646-322-7142

Lisena Landscaping

Phone: 718-845-5185

Long Island Landscape Gardens

Phone: 718-526-7063

Marra Landscaping

Phone: 347-233-0010

Marra Landscaping LLC

Phone: 347-233-0010

Martinez Landscaping

Phone: 718-785-3994

NY Garden Design and Landscape

Phone: 631-276-7101

Oscar Abarca Landscaping Service

Phone: 347-785-2646

Palmares Landscaping

Phone: 516-225-4171

Palmares Landscaping

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Paradise Fence Supply

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Right Lawn Care

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Singh Landscaping and Sprinkler

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Tier II Landscape Design

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Zoar city gardens

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