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Silver Tier Listings


Company Contact: Crockettstudio
Everyone, regardless of budget, deserves customized spaces and unique and special materials, finishes and furnishings.  Interiors that work spatially better and that are aesthetically harmonious enhance everyday life. Art, nature, history and culture -- they all inspire me. But my clients inspire me the most.

Judy Marcus Interior Design

Company Contact: Jusy Marcus
Judy Marcus Interior Design is a full service interior design firm servicing all of your design needs. From large renovations to just selecting paint colors. Judy is an award winning interior designer, with degrees from New York University and Maryount collage in psychology and interior design. She is a professional member of the ASID. Her sensitivity to each clients taste, style and needs ensures that every completed project is beautiful, specific to the client and "just what you were looking for". Judy brings a unique expertise in materials, products and design process to all projects, and her knowledge of construction and building codes, facilitates projects involving construction and ensures code compliance.

Basic Tier Listings

Binder Design Group

Phone: 845-517-2802

Binder Design Group

Phone: 845-517-2802

Chana Zukierman

Phone: 845-608-4547

Creative Interiors

Phone: 845-639-3276

Creative Interiors by Joann and Liz

Phone: 845-634-3864

D & D Interior Design

Phone: 201-391-3632

Decor & You

Phone: 845-613-0063

Designer Gals Interiors

Phone: 845-653-1296

DesignMadeEasy Interiors LLC

Phone: 845-323-4825

Ella Design Group

Phone: 845-634-2925

Emily Wallach Interiors LLc.

Phone: 646-798-1703

FH Home Designs Inc.

Phone: 201-236-0286

Gelb Interiors

Phone: 917-991-9600

Gila’s Paint Brush

Phone: 201-417-7478

Goleco Decor LLC

Phone: 845-215-9315

Gretchen Reinheimer Design

Phone: 201-723-1735

Gretna Green Designs

Phone: 845-551-7035

Hurmann Karl

Phone: 845-499-4901

ICO Design Group

Phone: 845-953-1500

Ilana Perles Design

Phone: 914-419-1415

Jays Interiors Inc.

Phone: 845-352-4401

Jennifer Pacca Interiors

Phone: 201-722-8540

JM Homestyle LTD

Phone: 201-654-0160

Joan Bigg Design LLC

Phone: 914-805-0873

Judy Marcus Interior Design

Phone: 845-354-8805

Justin Schlenger

Phone: 914-419-5327

Katherine Stern Design

Phone: 914-582-1920

Kayla LLC

Phone: 845-645-5265

KHI Design Group Inc.

Phone: 845-358-0133

Lisa Eisen Designs

Phone: 914-522-4187

Lorikas Interiors

Phone: 845-354-2092

Margaret Brower Interiors

Phone: 845-928-3018

Michele Alfano Design LLC

Phone: 917-301-5643

Naomi Weinstein Interiors

Phone: 845-362-2234

Naomi Weinstein Interiors

Phone: 845-362-2234

Patty Lacourte

Phone: 201-444-4616


Phone: 718-438-1710

Romancing The Home Interiors

Phone: 845-639-1003

Sandi Perry Interiors

Phone: 845-216-4533

Stacy Garcia

Phone: 845-426-5806

Steve Griggs Design Inc.

Phone: 914-879-5602

Style by Mimi G Inc.

Phone: 845-243-0371

Susan Medaglia

Phone: 845-826-5185

Toni Saccoman Designs

Phone: 415-555-1234

Z+ Interiors

Phone: 201-785-8855

Zahava Leaf Interiors

Phone: 860-966-1444