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Basic Tier Listings

Binder Design Group

Phone: 845-517-2802

Binder Design Group

Phone: 845-517-2802

Chana Zukierman

Phone: 845-608-4547

Creative Interiors

Phone: 845-639-3276

Creative Interiors by Joann and Liz

Phone: 845-634-3864

D & D Interior Design

Phone: 201-391-3632

Decor & You

Phone: 845-613-0063

Designer Gals Interiors

Phone: 845-653-1296

DesignMadeEasy Interiors LLC

Phone: 845-323-4825

Ella Design Group

Phone: 845-634-2925

Emily Wallach Interiors LLc.

Phone: 646-798-1703

FH Home Designs Inc.

Phone: 201-236-0286

Gelb Interiors

Phone: 917-991-9600

Gila’s Paint Brush

Phone: 201-417-7478

Goleco Decor LLC

Phone: 845-215-9315

Gretchen Reinheimer Design

Phone: 201-723-1735

Gretna Green Designs

Phone: 845-551-7035

Hurmann Karl

Phone: 845-499-4901

ICO Design Group

Phone: 845-953-1500

Ilana Perles Design

Phone: 914-419-1415

Jays Interiors Inc.

Phone: 845-352-4401

Jennifer Pacca Interiors

Phone: 201-722-8540

JM Homestyle LTD

Phone: 201-654-0160

Joan Bigg Design LLC

Phone: 914-805-0873

Judy Marcus Interior Design

Phone: 845-354-8805

Justin Schlenger

Phone: 914-419-5327

Katherine Stern Design

Phone: 914-582-1920

Kayla LLC

Phone: 845-645-5265

KHI Design Group Inc.

Phone: 845-358-0133

Lisa Eisen Designs

Phone: 914-522-4187

Lorikas Interiors

Phone: 845-354-2092

Margaret Brower Interiors

Phone: 845-928-3018

Michele Alfano Design LLC

Phone: 917-301-5643

Naomi Weinstein Interiors

Phone: 845-362-2234

Naomi Weinstein Interiors

Phone: 845-362-2234

Patty Lacourte

Phone: 201-444-4616


Phone: 718-438-1710

Romancing The Home Interiors

Phone: 845-639-1003

Sandi Perry Interiors

Phone: 845-216-4533

Stacy Garcia

Phone: 845-426-5806

Steve Griggs Design Inc.

Phone: 914-879-5602

Style by Mimi G Inc.

Phone: 845-243-0371

Susan Medaglia

Phone: 845-826-5185

Toni Saccoman Designs

Phone: 415-555-1234

Z+ Interiors

Phone: 201-785-8855

Zahava Leaf Interiors

Phone: 860-966-1444