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Silver Tier Listings

Kristin Taghon Interior Designs

Company Contact: Kristin Taghon Interior Designs
We are a Full-service Interior Design Firm that specializes in intensely elegant and classic design. We focus on Residential and Small Commercial interiors. We always design to our clients’ needs, ensuring safety, functionality and our clients aesthetic. Our personal favorite projects are those that are classic, elegant, and contain unexpected elements. We like to incorporate a wild card element into each design, nudging our clients out of their comfort zones and pushing the design to the next level artistically. Clients always respond favorably and love their new space because it really is an extension of themselves.

Habitar Design

Company Contact: Habitar Design
From bathrooms to kitchens, fireplaces to built-ins, Habitar Design creates breathtaking interior design work that will help you achieve your home vision. Our work has been recognized and featured internationally in design magazines, but at heart, we’re a small Chicago-based firm dedicated to customer satisfaction for both residential and commercial spaces. We offer a full range of interior design, decorating and remodeling services and our knowledgeable design and construction teams ensure 100% excellence for projects of all sizes. Our number one priority is making our customers happy by working cooperatively to help them develop and achieve their design objectives. Design is a journey. We try to make it enjoyable, organized and efficient.

Anthony Michael Interior Design

Company Contact: Anthony Michael Interior Design
Chicago based Anthony Michael’s interior ingenuity has established him as a distinguished industry leader and influencer for more than three decades. As a student in the design capitals of New York City and Paris, he developed an award winning, cohesive client based approach to interior design that is at once inspirational, functional and aspirational. He specializes in classical and eclectic interiors for luxury luxury residences, specialty restaurant and retail, private aircraft and yachts. As principal of Anthony Michael Interior Design, he takes pride in providing clients with ingenious use of color and texture, space planning and white glove attention to detail. As a result, clients can expect consistently superb full service interior design, along with the unexpected excitement that is Anthony Michael’s trademark interior ingenuity.

Basic Tier Listings

2 Design Group

Phone: 773-248-7636

Anthony Michael Interior Design

Phone: 773-770-3729

AXIS MUNDI Architects Interior

Phone: 347-387-1569

Brooke Lang Design

Phone: 773-870-0003

David Andrew Interiors Ltd.

Phone: 312-467-0900

Design Inside

Phone: 773-304-4133

Devon Grace Interiors

Phone: 312-973-3871

Divas N’ Design

Phone: 847-883-9200

Donna Mondi Interior Design

Phone: 312-291-8431

Elizabeth Krueger Design

Phone: 773-675-0417

Habitar Design

Phone: 312-274-2299

Inspired Interiors

Phone: 773-728-0419

Interior Chicago

Phone: 312-239-0744

Interior Designs

Phone: 773-728-3009

Jessica Lagrange Interiors

Phone: 312-751-8727

Kaufman Segal Design

Phone: 312-649-0680

Kristin Taghon Interior Designs

Phone: 773-793-3996

Lugbill Designs

Phone: 773-572-9049

Marshall Erb Design

Phone: 312-563-0000

Michael + Associates, Inc.

Phone: 773-770-3729

Michael Del Piero Good Design

Phone: 773-772-3000

Michelle’s Interiors

Phone: 312-291-4466

Paula Interiors

Phone: 773-738-1506

Phillip Harrison Interior + Design

Phone: 312-602-9535

Rae Duncan Interior Design

Phone: 312-971-9563

SKIN Interior Design

Phone: 312-343-0904

Space Interior Design

Phone: 773-213-5433

Summer Thornton Design

Phone: 773-360-8442

Superior Design Source

Phone: 773-401-6180

VF Interiors

Phone: 815-405-5848