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Adache Group Architects Inc

Company Contact: Adache Group Architects Inc
Over the course of the past fifty years, Adache Group Architects has become one of the world's leading design consultants for the hospitality, leisure, and multifamily housing industries. Adache Group offers integrated design services comprising of Strategy, Programming, Planning, Architecture, and Interior Design. The Adache firm has a global reputation as a leading international design firm, having clients and projects in dozens of states, in over forty-five countries and on five continents.

Fernando J. Nunez

Company Contact: Fernando Nunez
Architectural Consulting & Design, Inc. is dedicated to offer a more efficient approach to project development. Our focus is to provide our clients with the expertise and guidance necessary to clearly define the objectives of their project and implement a design strategy to meet their expectations. We feel that the most important factors contributing to a successful project is having both a full understanding of what our client is trying to achieve and the proper plan to obtain the most favorable result possible. Whether you are looking to make an addition to your home or develop a retail center on a few acres of land, Architectural Consulting & Design, Inc. can assist you with your architecture, site planning, and interior design needs.

KZ Architecture

Company Contact: KZ Architecture
KZ Architecture is a Miami-based full service architectural firm committed to design excellence and sustainable building practices. KZ Architecture endorses a purpose driven design philosophy which stems from the client’s desires. We use the vision and needs of the project’s future users as a device to enhance the creative process. Following an in depth analysis of context, climate and vernacular forms, the firm’s architectural designs offer environmentally sensitive solutions for Florida’s sub-tropical climate. With a deep respect for the environment and surroundings, KZ Architecture is committed to producing quality projects that become one with their natural settings. KZ Architecture’s projects develop through an in depth practice of exploration. The firm celebrates the complexity of the architectural process through dialogue with clients and consultants from complimentary disciplines. With abundant natural light throughout, KZ Architecture’s homes embody a language that weaves together the natural and the built as well as the indoor and the outdoor spaces. With a focus on craft and materials – a hallmark of the modern aesthetic – KZ Architecture’s projects are materialized through juxtaposing planes of different materials and textures.

Basic Tier Listings

Adache Group Architects Inc

Phone: 954-525-8133

Affiniti Architects

Phone: 561-750-0445

Architectural Alliance

Phone: 954-764-8858

Barretta & Associates

Phone: 561-740-0041

BEA Architects

Phone: 305-461-2053

BPA Architecture

Phone: 954-476-3152

Brillhart Architecture

Phone: 305-284-3375

Choeff Levy Fischman

Phone: 305-434-8338

Design Consultant Group

Phone: 305-447-9441

Fernando J. Nunez

Phone: 561-350-1896

Florida Architects

Phone: 954-523-2685

Kaller Architecture

Phone: 954-920-5746

Kimberly A. Dellastatious, PA

Phone: 561-582-5622

Kobi Karp Architecture & Interior Design Inc

Phone: 305-573-1818

KZ Architecture

Phone: 305-865-9911

LDG Florida Architects, Inc.

Phone: 561-631-8874

Leslie Abraham Architect

Phone: 786-385-4444

M A Corson & Associates Inc

Phone: 772-223-8227

M S Architects

Phone: 954-463-3096

Manuel Synalovski Associates

Phone: 954-961

Modis Architects, LLC

Phone: 786-879-8882

ODP Architecture & Design

Phone: 954-518-0833

Pierce Architectural Group PA

Phone: 954-763-4668

REG Architects

Phone: 561-659-2383

Rene Gonzalez Architects

Phone: 305-762-5895

Richard Jones Architecture Inc.

Phone: 561-274-9186

RWB-Linares Architecture Inc

Phone: 561-391-0081

Schachne Architect & Builders

Phone: 954-807-1409


Phone: 954-925-9292

Smith & Moore Architects Inc.

Phone: 561-835-1888

Square One Architecture

Phone: 954-861-0852

Steven L Cohen & Associates

Phone: 954-971-1010

Stiles Architectural Group

Phone: 954-627-9300

Storrs Architects

Phone: 954-525-0089

Thibeaux Architecture Inc

Phone: 954-467-4140

YRA Design, Inc.

Phone: 561-493-1500