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Silver Tier Listings


Company Contact: Delson OR Sherman Architects
DELSON or SHERMAN ARCHITECTS PC is a Brooklyn design firm founded in 1999 by Perla Delson and Jeff Sherman. Widely published for its modern additions to historic buildings, the firm’s diverse portfolio combines clean, understated detail with careful space planning. We have a reputation for innovative design, meticulous bid documents, and rigorous involvement during construction. But these are only a means to our greater goal—spaces that support and inspire the people who use them. In place of a signature style, the firm focuses on the unique opportunities of each project. We address site-specific concerns with fresh ideas while incorporating proven solutions into new contexts.  By coupling elegant minimalism with traditional materials, our work has a sense of inevitability.  Our designs feel as though they have always belonged to the site. We are good listeners.  All of our projects begin with the needs of our clients, and our best work comes from a deep understanding of those needs.  But our efforts are never one-dimensional; we see the design and construction process as inherently collaborative—with clients, with consultants, and with contractors.  We marshal the expertise of our collaborators to ensure each project’s success.

Cutrona Architecture PLLC

Company Contact: Glen Cutrona
Phone: 7189805080
From the beginning Cutrona Architects PLLC has been working with individual residential clients designing their one of a kind primary homes, vacation homes, and metropolitan apartments   The firm has also designed renovations to existing and new multi family buildings, lobbies, common spaces, marques, etc.   As an architectural firm practicing in a residential area, we are incredibly honored to assist our clients in making their dreams a reality.   Our portfolio of residential projects include a wide range of architectural styles always guided by our clients wishes and detailed to make a refined architectural statement.   “Distinction through Design”

Michael Shilale Architects, LLP

Company Contact: Michael Shilale Architects, LLP
Michael Shilale Architects, LLP (MSA) believes that buildings have a tremendous impact on humans. Our earliest work created spaces for people with limited physical and developmental abilities. Architecture has its greatest impact on those most fragile. MSA knows good architecture elevates and enriches the human experience for all people. It solves our clients' building problems and protects their real estate assets and investments. Our experienced and expert services help our clients save money and build under budget. Resulting projects help our clients realize their needs, goals, dreams, and desires. Michael Shilale Architects, LLP has been a leader in sustainable design, delivering integrated solutions for their clients that save energy, reduce waste, conserve water and manage materials sustainably- improving the relationship between buildings and their sites. Both Michael and John are LEED accredited designers and Michael recently earned the rigorous distinction of Certified Passive House Consultant (CPHC). MSA brings green strategies to all their projects often saving their clients millions of dollars. The firm is committed to protecting and preserving the environment through their design work.

George Hodosh Associates

Company Contact: George
A Lot of Architecture & Design Firms Will Give You A Nice Design,  Will They Get You The Necessary Approvals & Get It Built On Budget? From concept to completion, George Hodosh Associates - Architects, P.C. has everything you need to make your project a reality. 65+ years residential and commercial architectural & interior design experience. 30 years construction experience. Complete, detailed, buildable construction documents. Permitting & expediting. (NYC-certified expeditor on staff.) Proven track record in municipal approvals, including planning, zoning, architectural review board, historic board and Health Department. Design programming.  Feasibility studies. Architectural site planning. Construction management, bidding & estimating. Fully integrated approach.

Adaptive Architecture

Company Contact: Adaptive Architecture
For over 25 years our firm, led by Todd Rosenblum, has helped hundreds of families plan, design and build barrier-free living spaces. Adaptive Architecture is known for the caring attention given to our clients. Prior to beginning any project, Todd Rosenblum meets with a client and talks to the family, physicians and physical therapists to evaluate special needs. He listens to what his clients have to say, and then incorporates those thoughts into a carefully crafted design.

Rampulla Associates Architects LLP.

Company Contact: Rampulla Associates Architects
We are aware and understand the value of close collaboration with the client. While studies of conditions and situations in design are important, understanding the demands of the client are utmost. We hold this value from the programming phase through to completion of contract. We consider our professional responsibility to be our architectural expertise. We apply this to developing creative solutions to technological and economic problems.

Basic Tier Listings

3D Architectural Rendering Services

Phone: 888-873-8977

AB Design

Phone: 845-425-7526

Adaptive Architecture

Phone: 845-364-0337

Advanced Architecture

Phone: 845-947-4614

AK Design Studio

Phone: 845-216-0756

Aufgang Architects

Phone: 845-368-0004

Biondi Guy L

Phone: 845-357-7650

Degenshein Architects

Phone: 845-358-8400

Dyami Architecture

Phone: 845-426-5300

Eric N Singer Architects PC

Phone: 845-354-5700

Ferguson Malone Architecture

Phone: 914-591-5066

Friedman, Moshe M

Phone: 718-338-7008

Friedman, Murray

Phone: 845-354-8935

Garfinkel, Hy Chaim

Phone: 845-356-7777

Geiger Engineers

Phone: 845-368-3330

George Hodosh Associates-Architects, P.C

Phone: 845-638-9336

George Joseph Associates

Phone: 845-215-5923

Gittlitz, Harry

Phone: 845-356-1555

Gregory Cordasco Architect Design Studio

Phone: 914-214-9022

H2M Architects + Engineers

Phone: 631-756-8000

Harry J. Goldstein Architect P.C.

Phone: 845-356-7942

Hess Architects

Phone: 845-358-1486

HP Designs

Phone: 845-371-6802

Innovative Design & Build

Phone: 855-713-1088

James Henry Tanner

Phone: 845-357-4644

JCF Architect, pllc

Phone: 347-291-1869

Jo Machinist Architect

Phone: 212-355-7171

John Ferraro Architect

Phone: 845-624-0758

John J. Gilchrist Architect PC

Phone: 201-573-1877

Jorge Lopez

Phone: 845-638-4038

JSA Architecure & Design

Phone: 845-359-6351

Kaplan Steven R

Phone: 845-634-1134

MAS Architecture

Phone: 845-639-2410

Matthew, Oscar

Phone: 845-371-1444

Mauro J. Cappitella

Phone: 201-327-2540

Mayerfeld, David

Phone: 845-354-0001

Meckler Associates

Phone: 845-357-5858

Merola Design Studio

Phone: 845-536-6585

Michael Shilale Architects, LLP

Phone: 845-708-9200

MKM Architects

Phone: 201-962-8036

Montoro Architectural Group

Phone: 201-760-1300

Pantale Stephanie

Phone: 201-573-8250

Reiter Max

Phone: 845-634-1326

Roam Architecture

Phone: 845-267-8479

Rosenblum Architecture

Phone: 845-364-0337


Phone: 845-353-1112

Siebenaler P Douglas

Phone: 845-634-2606

SNS Architects & Engineering, PC

Phone: 201-573-1767

Todd Rosenblum

Phone: 845-364-0337

Urbach, Stevan D

Phone: 845-623-7585

Verkhovsky, Mark

Phone: 845-364-0373

Walter Sedovic Architects

Phone: 914-591-1900