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Silver Tier Listings

Ziese Architecture, Inc.

Company Contact: Ziese Architecture, Inc.
Ziese Architecture is a client-oriented firm working to realize the client’s vision for a project - not just telling them what to do. The firm is accessible, timely, open and honest in order to provide exceptional service and unmatchable results. Make the space uniquely your own. We work with you to define what you want, and then provide world class service to alleviate any stress. We pride ourselves on making your experience top-notch.

Gabbay Architects

Company Contact: Gabbay Architects
Yassi Gabbay is the founder of Gabbay Architects. Yassi received a masters from the University of Tehran with awards and honors, and a Ph.D from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. He founded Gabbay Architects and then TASMA Consulting Architects in Iran and developed it into one of the leading architecture firms of the country, employing an international team of sixty-five people. Prior to the 1979 Revolution in Iran, Yassi Gabbay was decorated twice for his design work. The most notable was the design and competition award of the Shah Abbas Hotel Complex in Isfahan, the most prestigious in the Middle East. He established himself by introducing contemporary design and details to the traditional landscape of Isfahan and blending his innovative vision with traditional craftsmanship. Gabbay gained recognition for the design of the Guilan University Campus, which remained incomplete when he left the country. Yassi Gabbay further cultivated his design portfolio with the launch of Gabbay Architects in Beverly Hills, California, where he has been awarded twice by the City’s Architectural Commission during his practice. He oversees the studio's efforts from programming through construction, acting as project designer on a selected basis.

OKB Architecture + Construction

Company Contact: OKB Architecture + Construction
We are a design practice that strives to make great places. A practice that believes in open collaboration as the root of creation and built diversity as the path to realize the unexpected. We are passionate about what we do and nimble in how we do it. Our mission is to assist great clients in making great Architecture with lasting significance. With over 50 years of combined experience creating Architecture, we are active partners who do everything we can for our clients and have not forgotten how to get our hands dirty. We love working together to turn something commonplace into something amazing. We evaluate project challenges and goals by not only looking at what exists but also at what is possible. By thinking outside the box. By looking for the pivotal moments that combine solutions with affordability. We prefer straight honesty to hypocritical politeness as we lead you through a complex process. We are less about sweet talk and more about offering advice and opinions that help move toward project goals. Our approach allows us to offer creative solutions that permeate across a variety of project types, scales and complexities. We know the tenacity it takes to realize a project and are invested in its success.

Basic Tier Listings

Aaron Neubert Architects

Phone: 323-953-4700


Phone: 323-951-0045

AUX Architecture

Phone: 213-568-3578

Bestor Architecture

Phone: 323-666-9399

Burgeoning Architects

Phone: 213-260-4212

CORBeL architects

Phone: 213-739-9902

Dan Brunn Architecture

Phone: 310-855-3555


Phone: 213-232-3868

Franklin Studios Architecture Corp.

Phone: 323-850-1400

Griffin Enright Architects

Phone: 310-391-4484

Hamilton Architects

Phone: 310-398-1500

Jeffrey Smalley Architect | Los Angeles Architect

Phone: 323-704-6196

Kurt Krueger Architects, Inc

Phone: 310-979-9945

Lewis|Schoeplein Architects

Phone: 310-231-0300

LOC Architects

Phone: 213-537-0480

Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects

Phone: 310-657-4363

Make Architecture

Phone: 323-669-0278

Michael Maltzan Architecture, Inc.

Phone: 323-913-3098

office42 architecture

Phone: 323-352-8982

OJMR Architects

Phone: 323-931-1007

OKB Architecture + Construction

Phone: 310-474-4412

Plus Architects

Phone: 310-478-6149

Relativity Architects

Phone: 310-573-4300

Richard Meier & Partners Architects LLP

Phone: 310-208-6464

Standard Architecture

Phone: 323-662-1000

Studio AR&D Architects

Phone: 760-322-3339

Tracy A. Stone Architect

Phone: 323-664-0202

Ziese Architecture, Inc.

Phone: 323-275-1340