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Silver Tier Listings


Company Contact: Delson OR Sherman Architects
DELSON or SHERMAN ARCHITECTS PC is a Brooklyn design firm founded in 1999 by Perla Delson and Jeff Sherman. Widely published for its modern additions to historic buildings, the firm’s diverse portfolio combines clean, understated detail with careful space planning. We have a reputation for innovative design, meticulous bid documents, and rigorous involvement during construction. But these are only a means to our greater goal—spaces that support and inspire the people who use them. In place of a signature style, the firm focuses on the unique opportunities of each project. We address site-specific concerns with fresh ideas while incorporating proven solutions into new contexts.  By coupling elegant minimalism with traditional materials, our work has a sense of inevitability.  Our designs feel as though they have always belonged to the site. We are good listeners.  All of our projects begin with the needs of our clients, and our best work comes from a deep understanding of those needs.  But our efforts are never one-dimensional; we see the design and construction process as inherently collaborative—with clients, with consultants, and with contractors.  We marshal the expertise of our collaborators to ensure each project’s success.

Arch Design Studios

Company Contact: Arch Design Studios
Arch Design Studios proudly offers professional architectural design in the greater New Jersey area. Our professional team has over 50 years of architectural experience working on most architectural projects, from designing residential homes to working on larger commercial architectural projects. Our designs are practical and eloquent and are aimed at meeting and exceeding each client’s needs. We strive to give our clients what they need by keeping them involved in every step and using creative designs to produce functional beauty.

Zack J. Moros Jr. Architect

Company Contact: Zack J. Moros
Zack J. Moros, Jr., AIA, NCARB has been practicing architecture in the state of New Jersey since 2001, specializing in residential and commercial architecture. He is a champion of digital design, utilizing technology to move projects quickly from concept through construction documents. Zack prides himself in his pragmatic approach to design: he considers design rationally and architecture aesthetically. In addition to his private practice, Zack has worked with a number of award-winning firms in the state of New Jersey, including CUH2A, HDR, and KSS Architects.

Rampulla Associates Architects LLP.

Company Contact: Rampulla Associates Architects
We are aware and understand the value of close collaboration with the client. While studies of conditions and situations in design are important, understanding the demands of the client are utmost. We hold this value from the programming phase through to completion of contract. We consider our professional responsibility to be our architectural expertise. We apply this to developing creative solutions to technological and economic problems.

Cutrona Architecture PLLC

Company Contact: Glen Cutrona
Phone: 7189805080
From the beginning Cutrona Architects PLLC has been working with individual residential clients designing their one of a kind primary homes, vacation homes, and metropolitan apartments   The firm has also designed renovations to existing and new multi family buildings, lobbies, common spaces, marques, etc.   As an architectural firm practicing in a residential area, we are incredibly honored to assist our clients in making their dreams a reality.   Our portfolio of residential projects include a wide range of architectural styles always guided by our clients wishes and detailed to make a refined architectural statement.   “Distinction through Design”

Michael V. Testa, Architect

Company Contact: Michael V. Testa
Michael V. Testa Architect is one of the region’s best established Architectural Firms. Since our inception we have been able to grow and develop a team approach to creative and intelligent architectural solutions. We seek to be proud of everything we do, from concept to delivery. This pride is based on the satisfaction of our clients. Our success stems from our dynamic staff and creative work environment. We encourage the flexibility and movement across the organization to work on different projects and colleagues to further develop our skills and thought development. This mindset brings great value to our staff and prepares us for the broad range of building types and challenges we encounter. Most important is that we create Architecture that satisfies our clients and the people and environment it will affect.

Basic Tier Listings

Albert Brich Architect

Phone: 732-901-6044

Allan H Borst

Phone: 732-255-02713

Aquatecture Associates

Phone: 732-295-3692

Arch Studios

Phone: 732-228-0790

BF Design Assc

Phone: 732-961-1202

Calvin M Colabella Jr

Phone: 732-830-3366

Charles J Collins Jr Architect

Phone: 609-654-2329

Coastal Architecture

Phone: 732-920-6770

Design Group America

Phone: 845-928-2288

Feldbrand Designs

Phone: 732-552-6691

Fwh Associates

Phone: 732-797-3100

Gut Architect Studio

Phone: 732-806-0073

Hartdorn David B Ra

Phone: 732-899-1608

Hessberger Walter J Architect

Phone: 973-610-7222


Phone: 732-400-5338

Lindemans Architecture

Phone: 732-778-9129

Michal Oelbaum Design + Planning

Phone: 732-788-6352

R & K Architectural

Phone: 732-886-2511

Ronald M Schneider &associates PC

Phone: 732-364-3641

Salvatore W Santoro, Architect

Phone: 732-370-9555

Schneider Ronald M Aia

Phone: 732-458-8150

SketchOut Design

Phone: 848-221-6545

Smith And Davis Architects

Phone: 609-494-8088

Structural Support

Phone: 609-509-0546

SZN Design

Phone: 917-588-5618

Tom Petersen LLC

Phone: 732-730-1763

VJM Architecture

Phone: 732-920-6770

Weisz Architects

Phone: 732-202-5455