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Gold Tier Listings

Silver Tier Listings

GWWO Architects

Company Contact: GWWO Architects
GWWO’s work is driven by a consistent philosophical approach, rather than a predetermined style. Our philosophy is founded in the exploration of the relationships between narrative and context. We believe that for architecture to be truly meaningful, it should expand the traditional notions of context—setting, scale, massing, materiality—to include the cultural and historical aspects of the site and organization. Through extensive research into each project, we discover the essential component of context that can inextricably tie architecture to its setting. Once established, this core idea is rigorously adhered to and influences every aspect of the design. Utilizing this story-based design approach, a unique response for each project unfolds.

Penza Bailey Architects

Company Contact: Penza Bailey Architects
Proud of our professional achievements and record of satisfied clients for almost four decades, Penza Bailey Architects' seasoned, long-tenured, passionate design professionals bring an extensive history of highly successful, widely varied project experience. And for the firm and its principals, outreach and service to the community is part of our philosophy.

SM+P Architects

Company Contact: SM+P Architects
Over the past 35 years, SM+P Architects has served clients ranging from restaurants, schools and laboratories to private clubs and residences. For each project, SM+P creates a built product that has truly been crafted.

Basic Tier Listings

Ammon Heisler Sachs architects, P.C.

Phone: 410-752-3510


Phone: 667-303-3146

Architectural Building Surveys

Phone: 410-466-1034

Architectural Design Works

Phone: 410-583-2440

ARQ Architects

Phone: 410-235-1043

Ayers Saint Gross

Phone: 410-347-8500

BC Architectural Designs

Phone: 410-627-2291

BCT Architects

Phone: 410-837-2727


Phone: 410-234-1155

Carballo Architecture

Phone: 443-963-1077

Colimore Architects

Phone: 410-752-3720

Curry Architects

Phone: 410-321-4602

Design Collective

Phone: 410-685-6655

Donny Akri Architects

Phone: 443-929-2377

Foundry Architects

Phone: 410-948-3067

Gant Brunnett Architects

Phone: 410-234-8444

Gant Hart Burnett Architects

Phone: 410-234-8444

Gaudreau Inc

Phone: 410-837-5040

GWWO Architects

Phone: 410-332-1009

Harris Kupfer Architect Inc

Phone: 410-244-8255

Hord Coplan and Macht

Phone: 410-837-7311

IA Interior Architects

Phone: 415-434-3305

Jeffrey Lee Architects

Phone: 410-377-8009

Jerryn J McCray

Phone: 443-889-5975

Johnson and Mendenhall

Phone: 410-576-1300

JP2 Architects

Phone: 410-646-8300

JRS Architects

Phone: 410-235-7256

JV Lee Architects

Phone: 410-539-8338

K Lechleiter Architect

Phone: 410-234-8090

KPN Architects

Phone: 443-682-7757

Kroiz Architecture

Phone: 410-522-6669

Levin Brown Architects

Phone: 410-581-0104

Mark Mobley Architecture

Phone: 410-385-8570

Marren Architects

Phone: 410-659-0578

Melville Thomas Architects

Phone: 410-433-4400

Mobley Mark Architects

Phone: 410-385-8570

Old Line Architects

Phone: 443-977-8387

Penza Bailey Architects

Phone: 410-435-6677

Plymouth Road Architects

Phone: 410-788-0281

Read Frederick

Phone: 410-625-3826

RM Sovich Architecture

Phone: 410-327-7971

Robertson Design

Phone: 410-209-2706

Scrafano Architects

Phone: 312-929-3210

SETO Architects

Phone: 888-549-5508

SM+P Architects

Phone: 410-685-3582

Stewart Craig L Architects

Phone: 410-465-7687

Thomas Clark Architect

Phone: 410-539-6830

Trostel and Pearre

Phone: 410-462-0190

Vincent Greene Architects

Phone: 410-366-9982

Ziger|Snead Architects

Phone: 410-576-9131