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Zenie Landscaping Landscaping & Fencing Five Towns

Officially founded by Lawrence Zenie in 1986, the origin of Zenie Landscaping Inc. goes back many years before that. Lawrence, a Hofstra University graduate began his career in this industry while serving as a teacher at St. Anges Catholic High School, now known as Kellenberg Memorial High School. In his spare time as a young teacher, Larry cultivated his passion for gardening by planting shrubs and flowers and mowing lawns in his neighborhood of West Hempstead, Long Island. After 10 years, Larry retired from teaching to fully pursue his passion for landscaping and created what is now a thriving family owned and operated full-service landscape company.
In 2002, Joseph, one of Larry’s four sons, joined the company after his graduation from The University of Albany. He had always enjoyed working side by side with his dad as a young child and would now make landscaping a career and passion of his own. Since joining the company, Joe’s knowledge and experience has helped Zenie Landscaping grow in ways Larry never thought possible. While the business has changed over the last 30 years, the mission has not. Providing our clients with top quality service is the only way we do business.