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Shemonico Cable and Glass Railing Railings & Stairs Los Angeles

Shemonico is a provider of cable railing systems for interior and exterior use. We work with all the building trades such as Architects, Resellers (Vendors) Homeowners, Specialty Outlets and Contractors. We have doing railing since 1980 with professional experience in glass and cable railing.
Our customer is anyone that wants to be a leader in the building industry.
Cable railing is sweeping the Architectural landscape, turning even the oldest, grandest, or even the most outdated or modest dwelling into something unique, creating a timeless stairwell, deck railing, porch or just the separation of an area. It is a reminder that recaptures the architecture popular in the Mid century Era made popular by famous craftsman. It is now enjoying a resurgence in popularity, for both Cable AND Glass! Cable railing uses are limited only by your imagination and ingenuity and Shemonico is here to help you achieve your ideas.