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Remodeling Chicago, LLC. Contractors Chicago

Remodeling Chicago, LLC, is backed by my Professional Qualifications and varied experience of 22 years in the Remodeling Business. Of the 22 years in the Business, 6 of those were with the Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 25 in Fort McCoy, Wisconsin as a heavy Equipment Operator (EO), and at the same time also helped fellow Builders (BU) in their trade. There, I assisted in the Construction of the Challenge Training Course for boot camp personnel of the Cook County Sheriff’s Office on 26th and California Ave. There, I acquired leadership and strong attention to detail, that combined with the skills and dedication throughout the years, form the foundation a successful Company needs. These are just some of the highlights of my qualifications which I think are valuable assets you can benefit from.

All of our trade work is done by our licensed specialized trade’s people like, licensed Plumbers, licensed Electricians, licensed HVAC Technicians, in house Illinois licensed Roofer with License No. 104.017236, licensed Mason and  among other professionals at hand, Myself. By doing this we are able to deliver to you quality work that is built to last in each section of the remodeling process.

Unfortunately many people hire the lowest priced contractor who either performs poor quality work or fails to complete the project. Now these customers are in a position of trying to find another contractor to take on such a project and will have to pay twice for some of the work. If you want to hire the cheapest contractor, use inferior quality materials, and/or obtain sub-par workmanship for your remodeling project, Remodeling Chicago LLC is not for you!

If you do want a high quality Remodeling Company that is managed professionally to complete on time your project and within your budget, Remodeling Chicago LLC is your choice. We are available to you when you need us and respond to you within 24 hours or sooner. We have a quick turnaround time and give you real numbers when we send you a proposal for your remodeling project. We are professional, creative, innovative and truly love what we do at competitive prices. So all these make me believe that I could help you and your projects achieve the goals you desire. We are enthusiastic about exploring new opportunities with you and your future projects and look forward to working with you.

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