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Pin It Realty Realtors Five Towns

Hi, my name is Pinny Heskiel. I am the Founder and Broker of Pin it Realty. During Hurricane Sandy my family had a fire in the house we were renting. This left us without a place to live. Over a span of six months we moved three times.  It was during this difficult time we decided it was time to buy a home that we could call our own.
Buying a house was one of the greatest feelings in the world! After we settled in our new home here in Inwood, NY, I decided that I wanted to be able to share that amazing experience with anyone I could. I started my journey working in Manhattan at Perry Associates doing commercial real estate. Next I worked for Charles Ruttenburg. When I left to be an independent broker, Pin it Realty was born!  My mission is not just to sell your home or help you to buy one, but rather to walk you through, guide you and hold your hand through the exciting process.
I like to be referred to as a Matchmaker, not a Broker!
I look forward to meeting you soon!