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Green City Painters Painting & Wallpaper Brooklyn

New York City’s Eco-friendly Apartment Painters are ready to transform your home! Founded in 2009 in Brooklyn, Green City Painters have only one aim. We transform New Yorker’s homes with eco-friendly paint, and mindful attention to detail. We are a fully insured, small local business, who take pride in our 5-Star Yelp Rating, and in doing the actual painting ourselves! We decided early on, to boycott all paint containing harmful chemicals (VOC’s), and to be the greenest painting company in town. We’re committed reducing our carbon footprint by leaving no trace, and we exclusively use eco-friendly paint. We also handle any necessary patching of wall holes, as well as repairing water damage. We cater to expecting moms, 1st time home buyers, young professionals, and anyone in New York City, who is mindful about making their home healthy and happy. Contact us today for your free estimate!