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Avenue Interior Design Interior Designers Los Angeles

For over a decade, Avenue Interior Design has specialized in new-build and renovations for the hospitality industry, including hotel guestrooms, suites and public areas, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, gaming venues, spas and retail outlets. The studio also provides exclusive high-end residential interior design services for a select discerning clientele as well as for luxury commercial office buildings and innovative multi-family properties. Custom furniture, lighting and artwork are essential elements of Avenue Interior Design’s work and the studio parlays this passion into highly marketable and much sought after product design and brand partnerships.

Avenue Interior Design is fully committed to all types of scopes, whether large scale scopes for MGM Resorts International and sbe or smaller scale, one-of-a-kind properties such as La Serena Villas in Palms Springs and The Ramble Hotel in Denver. Where Avenue has directed the creative vision from concept through to installation, projects have had unprecedented success captivating guests and securing maximum ADR and ROI for the Ownership group. Avenue’s primary goal is to create compelling and influential brand identities that leave guests excited to return – all while maximizing profitability and publicity for our clients.

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