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Thinking about renovating your home?

Not sure where to start?

Or just looking for some quotes?

Reaching over half a million readers on a monthly basis, MY HOME PROJECT TEAM is a service providing the Jewish public living in large Jewish communities in the USA with comprehensive and easily accessible information on who to contact and how to proceed when beginning a home project. Do you need a quote? Expert information? A reliable home-project professional? No matter the type or size of the project, the homeowner can choose from the array of specialists featured on our website. The site offers a comprehensive array of listings covering most home-project categories in 3 separate tier options, Basic, Silver and Gold tier listings. The basic listings are absolutely free while the silver and gold tier listings each have their own added features and benefits. The Gold tier listings, for example, allow each specialist his/her own info page with logo, uploadable gallery, full contact details, pictures, references, direct Instagram link and more.

Silver & Gold Tier listings require registration and adding of extra listing info by the home-project specialist.

In order to ensure a more informed choice we usually ask our Home Project Pros for a minimum of 3 references, whom we contact so that we are comfortable with past history and listing verification. 

In addition, you may notice that the Gold Tier listings include the amount of references the listing owner can provide for work done in the most recent 12 months. The benefits of this option are: 

  1. The homeowner can make a more informed decision.
  2. Having the home-project specialist offer references, demonstrates the specialist’s increased confidence in his / her skills, ability and past work…
  3. Which in turn increases homeowner’s confidence in the specialist’s work and reliability…

A positive feedback loop and a great feature to give more peace of mind for everyone involved.

Included in our website is our “Repairs & Maintenance” section which provides contact details and more for small home repair and maintenance jobs, some of which may be urgently required.

With our weekly advertising in well known national and local publications and social media, MY HOME PROJECT TEAM is the one-stop shop for finding your Home Project Team.